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" as protests spread across the middle east latest on the investigation in libya and california connection to the unwatchable internet video that fuels the protest. be seized by violence oakland ready to try a new approach. a cease-fire. bart celebrates 40 years and near record rendition passengers point to rats. we continue to follow developments from the deadly consulate attack in libya. this is a rock hundreds chanted america enemy of the people protests and violence had spread to nine countries threatening
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u.s. interests. in cairo protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. number of protesters are dwindling they can rest at tomorrow's planned 1 million men protest. we learn more about who might be behind the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. elizabeth cook on who they are and how they infiltrated what was supposed to beat a secret safe house. a deputy interior minister said attacks organized in a two- part operation i have on militance he said they may have been tipped off to the location of the safe house by a spy within security forces. a radical islamic group according to u.s. officials the leading suspect in the attack. the name means " supporters of islamic law " u.s. officials
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described as offshoot of al qaeda. one of these supporters was photographed at the scene. some officials have made arrests. the fbi begins the investigation by interviewing 30 american survivors now at u.s. military base in germany. the attacker struck at 10:00 p.m. local time to stay within 15 minutes inside the compound firing on main building. the ambassador christopher stephens and the information manager sean smith and a security officer began destroying classified documents smoke and flames from a grenade exploded on the roof drove the security officer from the building, he went back into fine stevens and smith. when he got to sean smith he was dead he pulled him from the building he went back and with additional security forces but
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unable to locate a ambassador stevens before the fire overcame the building. the battle shifted to an annex to other americans were killed apparently outnumbered and outgunned by their attackers. at the remains of the ambassador stevens and three american scheduled to come home tomorrow. elizabeth cook cbs 5 the a media camps outside of the southern california house where the film maker is believed to live there was movement inside the house but no one came to the door a government source says the man behind the foam has sparked the anti-american sentiment. and number of sources say he is the man who lives in the house. we responded to this address it involved that individual's name steve what morris as a heavy
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l.a. county sheriff's presence in the near abroad because of the media. the film maker considers himself a coptic christian who exactly are there are they, their many in the bay area for a convention reporter kiet do was there to see what they had to say about the film sparking a protest. for coptic christians the place to be tonight was pleasanton. 300 gathered for a today spiritual conference many say whoever behind the movie was not one of them. let's say it was a coptic or to and tried to paint the picture of all the coptics that is not right either. the bay area has a coptic christian churches home to 3000 worshipers, over the years they have fled discrimination from
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our home land of egypt which is 90 percent muslim. worshipers denounce the movie and any anti islamic view. there is no art behind it and no truth behind it whenever the movie has to stop rebars that my belief. i can speak for my church it does not represent any of us. for some it illustrates the balance between freedom of speech and religion. when it comes to hurting people's feelings this is not freedom of speech this is a hostile attitude and behavior which is not accepted. she drop in egypt and the west and is optimistic muslims and christians can't get through it we can get past that there is always up and downs and hard times we consider this the hard time but does not mean that this is the end. kiet do cbs 5
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another question how could this amateurish internet movie that very few people have heard of get some many people matt. reporter paul williams tried to get an answer to that question. this doctor is a businessman and ultra- conservative moslem who organized the protest we cannot walk down he insisted he could not walk side by side with the woman because it is against his religion. he did not mean for the demonstrations to turn violent and calls for them to and. he does not accept responsibility. this film was made by a handful of people and does not represent a believe for feeling a majority of americans. why do you think it is important? it does it matter if only a few people saw the found any
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insult to the prophet mohammad unacceptable. egypt has been an ally for three decades and averages $2 billion in american aid and then the arab spring that the u.s.- supported and a new political movement so there was a raft it is now widen. holly williams cbs news cairo continuing coverage of the ambassadors death on arab and online at cbs s f dot com thousands gathered in vacaville to say goodbye to fallen california highway patrolman, kenya and youngstrom. the memorial service for the seven year veteran true friends and families from around the state the 37 year-old father of
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four gunned down last week during a traffic stop. today he was remembered as a hero but more importantly as a husband father and friend. i'm proud of my dad he was not only my uncle he was my hero and a father to me. can i know you can hear me, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. i look forward to seeing you again brother. my dad loved all you guys think you. youngstrom the 223rd chp officer to die in line of duty. is in added to c h p memorial in sacramento. to gang injunctions and late
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night sports oakland has tried everything to curb gun violence this city rolls out a new plan called " cease-fire " it is that success in other cities is it related answer for oakland or another shot in the dark. reporter christin ayers but that question to the mayor. quan was meeting with faith leaders tonight even as shootings left people with minor injuries she is not just fighting gun violence she fights a growing sense of skepticism among those who live here. ask anyone here and they will tell you solutions for oakland's gun violence starts within these walls. mayor jeanne quan's joined prominent pastors to start a program called " cease-fire " will this work? it has worked in boston and
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salinas it focuses on a small group of perpetrators. in dogs to find jobs for them. some people involved in the most violent crimes for administration is fighting to grab a foothold. the number of homicides has climbed to 85. with heard about blocks and gang injunctions is this another program we are hearing about? this is a continuation you guys give it a new name in every new cycle this is a continuation with the same people. when i came in and one reporter said is this another program no its not. she climbs more people come forth to report offenders as and the more it murder last december but she and meds fixes have been temporary.
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during a summer jobs program the was a brief lull in violence. i do know if it is going to work we need a community to buy into it but involved. that may be mayor quan is next challenge. oakland has been working to implement the program for a couple of years but within the last six months jean quan has joined the efforts and push the program forward. christin ayers cbs 5 not what you want to see during your commute and not a trained a light what barb plans to do about an emerging underground problem. a traffic ticket that wind at going public what happens to the cops that got a laugh at the expense of the mayor of san jose.
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many temperatures in the '90s i pressure on the mov
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rats. a common issue at a lot of transportation agencies. bart stations have racked up number of cases mark sayre with the report that shows how many cases where talking about. this youtube video recorded at the civic center bart station shows iraq trying to run up the escalator.
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it was the source of amusement for those watching the feat. but for bart officials and passengers no laughing matter. the san francisco weekly maintenance reports find a series of complaints about rats. from here at the mission station one agent rights majorette problems another rides can we get more rattraps please another says rats are still taking over the station. rats to occur from time to time jim allison says with 44 stations no way to keep out all the rats and pigeons and other varmints that make their way into passenger areas not something passengers need to be concerned about as far as health we have an exterminator to deal with that bart passengers still the will tries to look at the bright side
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mai was in new york as see them occasionally and others say they're concerned about the health issue surrounding the rats just the conditions of the stations rats would concern me. what would you do? scream and run. bart will leave it to the exterminators to take care of the rat problem they are putting $1 million to eradicate pigeon droppings and will install new barriers in my area is to prevent pages from landing. when there are pages on high pino what happens below. they hope new match will take care of the problems. that data fix it. mark sayre at the bart system part rider should skyrockets these days three days this month that more than 400,000
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passengers that puts bart on track to break records. the agency credits i gasoline prices and are just turned 40 years old this week. there are tickets and tickets issued to the largest city in the bay area and then the internet. len ramirez on the mayor, the citation social media and the investigation got pulled over for not selling 100 ft. before making the turn and got a ticket citing the mayor for legitimate vehicle code violation of the officer leaking a picture of the photo to an internet site is another we believe it was a twitter site san jose police department ought to get to the bottom of the violation of policy we have an internal affairs investigation to find out who
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released it and it was held accountable are administrative discipline process takes its course. it happened tuesday morning at white road and mayberry the officer stopped me and was professionally no criticism with how he handled the situation within hours the picture of the ticket was circulating on the internet the police union says it did not have anything to do with that but comes at a time when morale low and tensions i do to cutbacks. i've never seen animosity this strong in 23 years i have been here he has a lot to bear on that it is been his approach. disciplinary action could range from the citation or written up, suspension possibly even termination although not likely. as for the mayor he takes this in stride he says his first ticket in decades he says he
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will pay the ticket instead of going to traffic school or contested. len ramirez cbs 5 we talk about rats pigeon six tickets let's talk about something happy. it has been beautiful out the nicest weather in the country and continues. bay bridge beautiful. the low clouds will be here in the morning. we have mainly clear skies over the bay bridge. in concord 66 livermore 70, 66 in the city currently 62. in the morning chaos in the house and the kids get ready for school, mother nature getting ready for cloud cover toward the coast mainly cloudy for the bay
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sunshine letter a quiet night upper 50s inland. cloud cover at the coast. the location of the high pressure changes, we read in the '90s in inland locations but high pressure slides slowly to the south we get the onshore flow and that shaves a few degrees off the afternoon highs. look at the fog moving back into the bay and burns off tomorrow. we have the mid-90s today so five degrees cooler the cooling trend continues this weekend. san francisco's 64. oakland tomorrow 70 at san jose 79 fairfield 91 redwood city 76. weekend looks nice mostly sunny
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skies. a temperatures ryan lower to mid-seventies we warm up by the end of next week. we do keep the sunshine. quantitative easing all the kids talk about it what does that mean for you chisholm federal reserve decided
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to take action to get the economy a boost wall street like the move the job that i went up 200 points during reporter white andrews on what it means for you the first time the federal reserve boosted the economy every month and keep interest rates low until unemployment goes down. ben bernanke says the recovery especially in the job market is stuck. this is a main street policy will try and get jobs going and great marquand and specifically that that will buy $40 million of mortgage bonds every month at the idea to
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drive mortgage rates lower than their historic lows now. bernanke says it should increase home buying and help the stock markets and drive up consumer spending. if people feel their financial situation is better they are willing to go out and spend that provides that demand to hire and invest. wall street law of the announcement the fed's open and its commitment to keep interest rates low as the downside it could hurt retirees on fixed incomes and anyone invested in savings accounts or money-market funds. republican nominee mitt romney who was promised to fire ben bernanke calls the fed's intervention confirmation that obama's policies do not work we should be creating wealth romney said not printing dollars current republicans fear bernanke may have timed the
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effort to increase hiring as an election-year get to the president, bernanke rejected that says the timing is due to a stagnant economy. white andrew sued cbs news a slug for their 13th straight win on the road. ,,,,
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the a's try to finish out the angels with a four game sweep and perfect road trip and 13 game winning streak angels fans to not want to see their team gets wet. brandon mosque taps it back for a double play. yoenis cespedis gems is rest sliding to second base.
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we're told it is a sprain and he's ok. tory hunter led off with a solo home run they scored six runs the angels blank the a's 6-0. orioles and their rays chasing each other and the a's for the wild-card spot. a's in first place in the american league wild-card spot. jay cutler a rough night peck out four times sacked seven times clay matthews had three. he throws at 27 yd touchdown pass to tom crabtree. the packers went 23-10. green bay evangelism a little bet against the 49ers. i asked jim lie and who can beat the 49ers 16-0 he said easy bro
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